AOの3回戦敗退から1週間も経たない、まだオーストラリアン・オープン中の出来事でした。記者会見は開かれず、エナンのスポークスマンから発表。OSにEND OF CAREER と発表されました。2月に入ってから記者会見をするようです。


End of career...
2011年1月26日 7:08 Justine Henin

Dear all,

I address my letter to you because this is currently the best way to express meself, I now experience very difficult times. I have unfortunately not good news. I spent the last days undergoing various medical tests and they have confirmed that my elbow has been damaged by my adventure in Australia.



After my crash at Wimbledon in June, I knew it would be difficult to come back. But I had decided to keep playing and to give everything to overcome the injury. In these recent months I have rarely been spared from the pain, those last months were very hard. Time has passed, and the doubts have grown, and only return to the courts would give me answers. Not the answer I was hoping for... unfortunately. I suffered a lot the last week and every day gave me more and more pain, but I believed that my will would take the upper hand. Today, the examinations are clearly and and the doctors formally, my elbow is too fragile and hurt so that my passion and my profession at high level cannot continue to exist.


I'm in shock, of course, even whith the work of these past seven months I had to understand that there might be a reason for all this. After having well considered and following the advice of doctors, it is now clear and I accept that my career here ... ... finally ends. Even though it's hard, very hard, while I came back with a tremendous fighting spirit.

I'm sorry ... I had hoped for a different return and dreamed of a different ending. I will need time to process all this, but I remain convinced that even with little progress, my level with my return did not meet my expectations, despite everything I've learned a lot over the past 15 months.


I turn, and this time, an incredible page of my life ... What a wonderful trip, I have experience during all these years. Today I'm calmer and I can create a positive and rewarding look back on this experience in my life.


I would never have reached this level all alone, and I insist to thank all persons who sticked with me during adventures. My coach and my friend Carlos, my family, my friends, my whole team, all those who helped me when it was hard and have shared in my joy. Thank you to my partners for the confidence they have given me, for their support in all circumstances. Thanks to my medical staff who, these last months, were always available and always with great professionalism there for me.


Finally and most importantly, thanks everyone. Thanks for standing by my side during all these years. I will never forget your support and your loyalty. And if I only regret one thing, this would be that I've protected myself too hard and that I couldn’t stand closer to you.

I hope you will forgive me my clumsiness and a wonderful reminder of shared emotions will keep them together.


On the way to new adventures ...

See you soon, anywhere ...



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Justine Henin - 21.01.11
Friday, 21 January, 2011

Q. A bit of a disappointing result. What was the difference between the two of you?
Q 残念な結果です。二人の差は何だったのでしょうか?

JUSTINE HENIN: Well, of course it's disappointing to lose like this. She is just been better than me, especially in the important moments. I got some opportunities in the second set to come back, but I never really took the lead in this match. I was really too far.

I never took the good opportunities and she was much more aggressive than me. So that made a big difference.
JH もちろんこんなふうに負けて残念です。今日は彼女のほうがよかった、特に重要なポイントで。セカンドセットは私にもいくつかチャンスがありましたけど、試合の主導権を取ることはできなかった。ぜんぜん遠かった。

Q. You dominated her in the past. Does that make it even more disappointing? Did you think you had her?
Q これまで彼女を圧倒していたけれど。

JUSTINE HENIN: The past is the past. I have to be focus on what happened today. I knew it was another match, another situation for both of us. So I wasn't feeling confident because I did beat her many times. I knew it could be a tough match, and it has been for me.
JH 過去のことは過去のこと。私は今日のことに集中しないといけないわ。これはふたりにとってまた別の試合、別のシチュエーションであるとわかっていました。彼女に何度も勝っていいるから自信が持てるのでではありません。これはタフマッチになるとわかっていたし、今までもそうでした。

Q. Did you sense a vulnerability in her? She was serving for the match twice and then it goes to tiebreak. There were several match points there as well.
Q 彼女が崩れそうだと思いましたか? サービングフォーザマッチを2回ブレイクされてタイブレークになった時は。マッチポイントがいくつかあって。

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, I felt she got bit nervous at that time and I had nothing anymore to lose. So just went for my chances. It was a bit better at the end, but not enough, as I served a few double faults in the tiebreak and did a couple of yeah, too many mistakes today and not enough winners and chances that I could take.

So it wasn't good enough to win that match.
JH ええ、彼女がナーバスになっていると感じましたし、私にはもはや失うものはない状況でした。だからチャンスに賭けました。最後のほうは少しよくなってきたけれど十分ではなかった。私はタイブレークでいくつかダブルフォルトをしたし、いくつか、いえ、多すぎるミスをしました。それではチャンスをつかみ取るには不十分でした。

Q. You double faulted nine times. What was that about? Was your arm troubling you again today?
Q 9本のダブルフォルトをしていますが、それについては? 腕に問題がありましたか?

JUSTINE HENIN: Well, there are no excuse about that. I know in what condition I go on the court, so I have to, yeah, to don't take any excuse about that. Because I just it wasn't that easy for me today; it wasn't the best day I've had in my career so far. I hope next time it's going to be better.
JH ええ、それについてはエクスキューズはありません。コートに出る時にコンディションのことはわかっていたし、だから私には何のエクスキューズもないんです。私にとってたやすい日でないし、私のキャリアの中でベストの状態からはほど遠いんです。次はよくなっているといいんですけど。

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Friday, January 21, 2011
Singles - Third Round
(23) Svetlana Kuznetsova (RUS) d. (11) Justine Henin (BEL) 64 76(8)




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The inner circle: Rodriguez on Henin
Wednesday, 19 January, 2011

"To a certain extent, she is ready for this fortnight, although there are still some unknown parameters as far as the injury is concerned. But I am encouraged by the fact that this morning, after having played her tough three-setter yesterday, she is feeling fine. But we have to be realistic, there is still a lot to accomplish for Justine to recover her full confidence, and play up to her potential. Yesterday she had a tough match and, without playing well, she negotiated the situation well to come back and win. As we know Justine, it is certain that during the course of the tournament, she is well capable of changing things, and raising her level. The main thing to focus on is for Justine to make the best of the next couple of years. This being said, she is competitive, and we have high ambitions for this event, that's certain."

CR ジュスティンはこの2週間の準備はできている、もっとも怪我に関してはいくつか予断を許さない面はあるが。しかし今朝の試合(2回戦)で私は勇気づけられた。昨日、3セッターのタフマッチの後、彼女のフィーリングはよかった。現実的には、ジュスティンが完全に自信を取り戻すし、彼女のポテンシャルを上げるためには、まだ多くのやらなくてはならいことがある。昨日、彼女のプレイはよくないかったが、タフマッチを戦い、その状況を上手くやりくりして逆転勝ちした。私の知っているジュスティンは、トーナメントを戦うなかで、物事を変えて、レベルアップしていくことができる選手だ。もっとも集中すべきことは、ジュスティンがこの先数年、ベストの状態で戦えることだ。言われているように彼女は負けず嫌いだし、この大会にも高い望みを持っている、たしかに。

"As of now, the difference between what she is producing on the practice court and what we saw yesterday is huge. During practice she is capable of attacking, and always going forward, her shots are more powerful, while we saw her yesterday only coming to the net 10 times in more than 160 points played. This is far too little. You know, Justine is very excited to compete again. She made some necessary changes in her staff, whether it the physical trainer, the physio, the doctor. Today, she is playing for herself whereas before there was a lot of unnecessary distractions around her. In this respect, I don't think that the injury appeared by chance. Today, her task is to find the right balance between her organization outside the court, and her performance on court. She is on the right track."

CR 彼女が練習コートでできることと昨日見たことの違いは大きい。練習では彼女はアタックして、前に行って、もっとパワフルなショットが打てる。だが昨日、彼女がネットに行ったのは160ポイント以上やった中で10回しかない。少なすぎる。ジュスティンは再び戦えることにとてもエキサイトしている。彼女は必要と思える変更をした。フィジカルトレイナー、フィジオ、ドクター。彼女は多くの不必要なディストラクションがあるゆえに、彼女のためにプレイした(←?訳せない) 私はこの怪我が偶然、出てきたとは思わない。




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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Singles - Second Round
(11) Justine Henin (BEL) d. Elena Baltacha (GBR) 61 63

ところで、今回のWOWOWの放送時間がよくわからない。今日はデイセッションは193チャンネルで8時間も放送していました。一方、夜中0時からの191チャンネルのほうは1時間しか放送がない。毎年、そうだったっけ? しかも191チャンネルは昼間に放送した試合ばかり。ということで今のところ、おおむねニシコリ番組になってます。こりゃ、ナイトセッションに入らないと、3回戦のクズ戦も放送されるかどうか。


§さて3回戦は、予想通りクズが来ました。最近クズの試合を見ていないので、何がどう不調なのかわかりません。たとえランキングが20位台だろうが30位台だろうが、クズは怖い選手です。3回戦できっちり当たるなんて、やっぱりエナンのドロウ運は相変わらずだ。2008年シドニー決勝以来の対戦です。なつかしいなー。と、クズも思っているでしょうか^^ いい試合になると思います。できればナイトセッションで、ドキドキしながら見たいです。

ALLEZ Justine!!

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