Justine's Diary - October 2008

Hello Everyone,

I know it's been ages since I wrote to you. I'm sorry. The moment has arrived to give you some news. I had a splendid summer. I felt a deep need to get my breath back. My first true vacation gave me an opportunity to really relax. It's a great pleasure to discover this new life I lead - with curiosity and without pressure. I learn a lot with each moment, and I savour simple pleasures of everyday life such as reading the daily newspaper. But I continue to be very active and work. I'm in a permanent pursuit of new projects.


I resumed my high school studies. In the peace and calm of Monaco, I go forward with my courses. I would like to take my final exams next year. I admit that it hasn't been easy, but it's very rewarding. I will do everything I can to complete this challenge.


I was a speaker for the first time at a coaching seminar. It was marvelous. Carlos and I shared our experiences to the attendees. I also went to Orlando, Florida and officially opened our new American branch of the 6th Sense Academy. It's an enthralling project which I want to give more of myself.


As you can see, I don't have time to be bored! Many people ask me if I still do a lot of sports. Unfortunately, the answer is no. My knee still bothers me, and in a few days I'll have surgery done on it. I'm impatient, and can’t wait to recover from the operation to do sports again. I'll be honest with you, I do not miss tennis. I keep a magic feeling of that period of my life. A time where I learned so much, but a new life fills me, and I am completely satisfied.

そんなわけで、退屈している時間はありません! いろんな人が私に、まだスポーツをしているのかと尋ねますが、残念ながら、答えはノーです。膝はまだ厄介ですし、数日後、膝の手術を受ける予定です。治療が終わってまたスポーツできるようになる日が待ちきれません。正直に言いますが、私はテニスは恋しくありません。あの時代は魔法のように素晴らしい時代だったと思っています。たくさんのことを学びました。でも新しい人生が私に訪れ、私はそれに完全に満足しています。

Even if you think I'm far away from you, I remain close to you in spirit. Thank you for all your messages of encouragement and eternal support.


Lots of love,




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Tennis Weekに載ったインタビューをかいつまみます。

Justine Returns

Tennis Week: It’s a big day for you in officially opening the branch of your 6th Sense Academy here in the States. What does this mean to you and what do you hope to achieve with it?

TW 6センスアカデミーをアメリカにオープンしました。あなたにとってこれはどういう意味を持ちますか? 

Justine Henin: It is really exciting for me. I’ve had a lot of good memories, good emotions and good moments playing here in the States. So coming from a little country like Belgium to bring our Academy over here to the States is a very good, exciting and interesting challenge. We hope to bring something different to tennis here — a different philosophy — and we want to remind kids that tennis is a game. Before you can become a professional, it’s got to be a passion and it’s gonna be a human adventure that we do all together so it’s going to be really, really exciting to be here.

JH とてもエキサイティングです。アメリカにはたくさんの素晴らしい思い出、エモーション、プレイ中の場面がありました。ベルギーのような小さな国からアメリカにアカデミーを誘致できたことは、とてもいいことだし、エキサイティングで興味深いチャレンジだと思います。ここでテニスに何か違うもの、違うフィロソフィーを持ち込めたらと思います。何より、子供たちにテニスはゲームであることを思い出して欲しいと思います。プロになる前に、まず情熱であるべきだし、人としての冒険になるでしょうから、とても本当にエキサイティングですね。

Tennis Week: How many players are currently enrolled in your academy in Belgium and how actively involved are you in that Academy?

TW ベルギーのアカデミーにはどれぐらいの選手がいるのですか?

Justine Henin: We have gradually grown and grown and have started to become really big. We have about 600 kids in the biggest club and in all the academies together we have almost 1,800 kids. We have almost 20 kids for the elite group of our Academy in Belgium. We’re growing more in the future and in the next few months I’m going to be more and more involved there. I took a bit of a break this summer, but I’m going to be more involved in it now and try to help Carlos with it. I’m looking forward to that.

JH どんどん増えて、本当に大きくなってきています。一番大きなクラブには約600人の子供たちがいて、アカデミー全体だと1800人ぐらいの子供たちがいます。それから20人ぐらいのエリートグループが、ベルギーのアカデミーにいます。将来的にはもっと大きくなるでしょう。私も、これからもっと関わるつもりです。私は夏にちょっとブレイクを取りました。でもこれからアカデミーにもっと関わるし、カルロスを助けることになるでしょう。とても楽しみです。

Tennis Week: During the US Open there were rumors that you were training again. Are you considering an eventual comeback? You’re only 26 years old — two of the four women who won major titles this season are older than you are —and you retired as World No. 1. Would you ever consider a comeback — even playing a limited schedule?

TW US Openの間、あなたがトレーニングを再開したという噂が流れました。いつかカムバックすることを考えていますか? まだ26歳だし、今年メジャータイトルを取った二人はあなたより年上だし、あなたはナンバー1でリタイアしました。カムバックや、あるいは期間限定的にプレイすることは?

Justine Henin: No, no competition is over for me. For me, it’s definitely over. When I took my decision I knew it was forever. So I don’t say I will never be back for an exhibition or for another event in the future. But for me (playing) on the Tour? Yeah, it’s in the past and I won’t come back. I made the right decision and I stick to my decision. I will never change my mind about that decision.

JH ノーノー。私のコンペティションは終わりました。私にとって、それは本当に終わったのです。この決断をした時、これはforeverだとわかっていました。将来、エキシビジョンや何かのイベントに決して出ないとは言いません。でもツアーに戻る? いやぁ、それはもう過去のことで、私は戻りません。私は正しい決断をしたし、自分の決めたことを守ります。この決断について心変わりすることは決してないでしょう。

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■Justine Henin gives first interview after her shock retirement - to laureus.com

>> On her future: “I can never say for sure that I’ll never be back because I hate to say never. But when I do something, I do it 200%, and when I decide it’s over, it’s over.”


>> On Wimbledon: “It [not winning Wimbledon] has been the big disappointment of my career. It’s a great tradition… I love it… but my game wasn’t quite good enough and I probably wasn’t confident enough to win on the grass.”


>> On who will win: “I keep thinking that Venus is the best player on grass. She’s big and tall so, for me, she’s the favourite. From the men’s side, I don’t know. I hope that Roger Federer wins it again, but I see Nadal this year.”

>> On Ana Ivanovic: “It’s very hard whenever you win your first Grand Slam, the expectations are always there. You have to deal with another pressure. She’s No 1 in the world now, and it will take some time to get used to that.”


>> On why she retired: “I didn’t have this fire inside me any more - and when you don’t have the fire, it’s time to go.”


>> On Roland Garros: “The first time I was there I was ten, with my mum, We were watching Steffi Graff and Monica Seles. I said to my mum, ‘one day I’ll be on this court and I’ll win it.’ And I did it, I did it four times. I lost my mum when I was 12, but even if she doesn’t know it, she brought so many good things in my life that I wanted to prove to her that I could make it.”



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●SMASH調査団 「エナン引退について考える」

サーブは毎年のようにマイナーチェンジを重ねました。劇的に変わったのは2003年のオーストラリア。右脚を前にステップインしないで打つフォームに変更。当時、こういう打ち方をしていた女子選手はいなかったのではないでしょうか? これは「男打ち」でした。今でも、このフォームを取れる女子選手は数人しかいないはずです。

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Q Doesn't it bother you that you will never know the answer to the question [Would Henin have Won Wimbledon?]

CR: You always think about that it was possible there. However, that's in the past now. I think about how Justine presented herself at Wimbledon. She played her first grand slam final there, and in two finals in total, and three semi-finals. Not bad. I feel especially proud. I would've been frustrated if she won only that, and not everything else which she has done. Perhaps she had not been predestined for Wimbledon.

CR 人はずっと可能性はあったというでしょうね。今となっては過去のことです。ジュスティーンはウインブルドンでよくやったと思う。初めてのグランドスラムファイナルがあそこだし、計2回のファイナル、3回のセミファイナル。悪くない。私は本当に誇りに思う。私は彼女がひとつ優勝したとしてもフラストレーションを感じただろうし、彼女がやり遂げた以外についても。たぶん、彼女はウインブルドンで優勝する運命になかったんだろう。

Q What did you think when Henin was sitting in the box at Roland Garros and Ana Ivanovic won. A player that Henin routed last year in the final of Paris?

CR: Naturally for me it was bizarre. But I also moved on. Henin and I realized that for 12 years we've done something incredible. We were at the summit, and it was time to stop. (Rodriguez inhales deep and expressively from as if there a large weight is off his shoulders ). I feel relieved. The tennis demanded a lot out of Justine, myself and my family. I now have a taste of living which I didn't know or seen in my former days. I find it pleasant to have enough time for other things or to listen to other people. I feel much more healthier now. And I sleep better.

CR 自然な感情として、私にとっては奇妙なものだった。でも同時に私も前進したよ。エナンと私はこの12年間で素晴らしいことをやり遂げたんだと。私たちは頂点にいた、そして止める時だった。

Q You are absolutely not affected?

CR: So far no. It's normal to be scared of a new life, but my wife and children were probably more frightened. Me. I'm like a cat; I always land on my feet.
CR 今のところなし。新しい生活というのはこわいものだ。でも妻と子供のほうがもっと驚いたんじゃないかな。私は猫みたいなもんで、いつも自分の脚の上にいるんです。

Q People wonder if Henin didn't lose in Berlin against Safina, would the story be completely different now?

CR: Quite frankly, no. I dont' believe it would be. The decision haunted Justine in her mind for months. After the loss in Miami against Serena Williams I told my wife that the end looks near. I saw a Justine that had nothing more to give, and it continued. Safina simply brought matters up front. Justine stood on the door step, and Safina gave a small opening.

CR 率直に言ってノー。そんなことはなかっただろう。あの決断は、何ヶ月もジュスティーンの心につきまっとていた。マイアミのセレナ・ウイリアムズ戦の後、私は妻に、終わりが近いと話しました。私はもうジュスティーンにしてやれることがなかった。サフィナは物事をちょっと前に進めただけだ。ジュスティーンはもうドアの前に立っていて、サフィナがそれを少し開けたんだ。

Q Can you reconstruct the hours after the match against Safina?

CR: Tjhe nvironment was particulary calm and quite. Serene. No crazy situations. We both knew. This was no longer Justine the tennis player. We had pursued many questions. In the car on the way to the airport I asked her if she still felt the tennis, and she said, " No, I test and I test, I try, but it doesn't happen". In the old days I was always there and up front with her at the difficult moments , but this time I said, "I too am no longer possible to give you".

CR とても穏やかで静かな状態でした。落ち着いていました。クレージーな状況ではなかった。私たちはふたりともわかっていました。ジュスティーンはもはやテニスプレーヤーでないことを。私たちはたくさんの質問を続けました。空港に向かう車の中で、彼女に「まだテニスに気持ちが残っているか」と尋ねました。彼女は「ノー、試して試してみたけれど、気持ちが残っていない」と言いました。以前なら、難しい状況の時には、私はいつも彼女のそばにいて、前に向かせることができた。でもあの時、私は「私も、もう君にできることはない」と言いました。

Q Did she decide to definitely stop on that same day?

CR: No, just a day or two later. I talked at home with my wife alot about it.
[What does tennis still offer her in life?]
[What does she still offer tennis?]
[What ambitions does she still have?]
Justine said, "I have proved Carlos that I can play tennis well, but I want to discover the rest of my life. I need to develop and the first thing I must do is finish my studies (Highschool diploma)".
I haven't really tried to bring other things or ideas to her. I respect her this way. The choice is also mine.
I told her, "If you want it and are serious. We can go together and retire. You will play no more".

CR いえ、一日か二日後でした。私は家で妻とたくさん話したんです。「まだテニスが彼女の人生に与えられるものはあるか?」「彼女がテニスに与えられるものがあるか?」「彼女はまだ野心を持っているか?」

Q Did she cry?

CR: Geez. She concluded a complete life and she was also frightened for what lies ahead. There is a personal balance, but she must now search for a new professional balance.
CR Geez. 彼女は完全にlife(テニスライフのことか?)を完結させていたし、またこの先のことに怖がってもいた。個人的なバランスがあるんだ。でも彼女は今、新しいプロフェッショナルバランスを見つけないとね。

Q You burst into tears during the retirement press conference. We all know you as that "hard man Rodriguez".

CR: (Laughs). There's alot of toughness in me, but also alot sensitivity, After everything what we have together lived, it was a very emotional end. A career of 12 years together, with impressive awards and seeing Henin grow up as a woman. When people talk about her retirement, I think to myself, you old man - it was a success!
CR (笑い)辛いことはたくさんあったよ。たくさんの感情も。いしょにやってきてすべてが終わった後、とてもエモーショナルな最後だった。12年ともに過ごしてきたキャリアの中で、素晴らしい賞とエナンが女性として成長していくのを見た。人が彼女の引退について話す時、私は自分で思うよ、「おっさん、成功だぜ!」。


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今後もエナンに関する情報はちらほらとあるでしょう。OSのJustine Henin Forumは今も継続しており、ここが一番のエナン情報源となるでしょう。このブログで記事をアップすることはあまりないと思いますが、コメント欄に情報をメモっていければと思います。



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表彰式では、エナンが一言、スピーチするかなと期待しておりました。あるいは、優勝者がスピーチでエナンに一言、何かあるかなと思っていたのですが、どちらもありませんでした。スピーチはエナンが断ったのでしょう。イバノビッチから一言もなかったのは、まぁしょうがないでしょう^^ 試合後の会見では、こんな応答があります。

Day 14 - An interview with Ana Ivanovic - Saturday, June 7, 2008

〜Q. Very historic day. Was it comforting to look and see Henin sitting, watching the match rather than across the net as she was last year? I don't know if you're feeling better about that? You got over that pretty easily, didn't you?

ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah. I mean, many, many people ask me, Oh, you want to forget the last year's final? But I don't, because it was great learning experience. Obviously it hurted (sic) at the time and it hurted after, but she's a great champion. I lost to great champion and I learned a lot from her, from the way she handled herself in that final.
You know, seeing her today in the crowd, you know, it made me feel really, really good, you know. I thought, you know, maybe I can be like her, I can win a title. So it was really thrilling when she also handed me the a trophy.

〜〜Q エナンがネットの向こうじゃなくて観客席に座っていたけど、どうでした? いい気分だったかな?

ANA たっくさんの人が聞くんです、去年のことは忘れたいでしょって。でもそんなことありません。だって素晴らしい経験だったんですもの。もちろん、あれは辛かったし、あの後も辛かったわ。でも私は素晴らしいチャンピオンに負けたんだし、彼女の決勝戦での戦い方から多くを学んだんです。

〜Q. Were you surprised to see Henin there during the match? And what did she say to you afterwards?

ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, definitely I was surprised. But at the same time I was glad to see her there. She's a great champion. She won this tournament so many times.

When she handed me the trophy, it was, you know, very thrilling moment, as well. She said, Well done. You really deserve it. It meant a lot to me.

〜〜Q 試合中、エナンがいたのは驚いた? 彼女は何て言ったの?

ANA ええ、たしかに驚いたわ。でも彼女がいてくれて嬉しかった。彼女は素晴らしいチャンピオンです。この大会を何度も優勝しています。トロフィーを手渡してくれた時、それはとてもスリリングな瞬間だったわ。彼女は、「よくやったわね、優勝にふさわしいわ」って言いました。それは私にとってとても意味あることです

〜Q. While in the press room, we are discussing if you are the best looking woman who has ever won the tournament. I want you to know that you have already beaten the stats of Justine Henin, because last year she say 14 times, Allez. You say 17 times today, Adje. Even in the middle of the night sometimes you wake up and you turn and you say, Adje?

ANA IVANOVIC: I'm sure tonight I will, if I sleep at all.

〜〜Q 君はすでにエナンの記録を破っているんだ。エナンは昨年、allezを14回言った。君は今日17回、adjeを言ったよ。今日も夜中起きてadjeって叫ぶんじゃないの?

ANA きっとそうね。もし眠れたらね。


#先週の火曜だかに行われたITFのチャンピオンディナーにエナンは欠席。フェデラーは翌日QFがあるのに出席したが、エナンはビデオで挨拶だけだったそうで。実はその晩、ヤニック・ノアのコンサートに行っていたとかいう情報もあり^^ 本当に、そういう会合というか親睦会とか、形式ばったのが嫌いなんですね、エナンって人は。

ハイ、これあげる(belga pictures)

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■Tennis-World number one Henin retires at 25

>>"I am leaving as the world number one and that is important and it is always better to go out at the top," said Henin, who won 41 titles since turning professional in 1999.

>>"I have been driving my career based on an emotion but I didn't feel that emotion anymore since (last year's season-ending championships in) Madrid," said Henin, whose final match turned out to be a third-round defeat by Dinara Safina in Berlin last week.
"At Madrid I felt I had reached the climax of my career. I had thought about taking a break, but in the end I didn't think this was the right decision".

>>”I decided on returning from (last week's tournament in) Berlin to stop now. I leave without any regrets and I know it is the right decision."

>>"Winning Wimbledon would not have made me any happier," said Henin, who also captured Olympic gold in Athens four years ago.
"I didn't feel I was capable of winning there (Wimbledon). I stopped before Roland Garros because I asked myself if I could produce a better Roland Garros than last year and I realised I couldn't.
"I wanted to play in the Olympics for my country and would have been proud to do so despite the current problems. Some people never realise their dream of an Olympic medal and I have realised that goal.
"But I couldn't go to Beijing and do my country proud. It's time for a change."

■No. 1 Justine Henin retires from tennis immediately

>>”I decided,” the 25-year-old Belgian said, “to stop fooling myself and accept it.
I always based everything on this motivation—this flame—that was in me. And once I lost that, I lost many, many things,” Henin said

>>“Everything became harder,” Henin said. “I felt, deep inside, something was getting out of my grasp.”
She lost 6-4, 6-0 to Maria Sharapova in the Australian Open, then 6-2, 6-0 to Serena Williams at the Sony Ericsson Open in April—the worst loss for a top-ranked player in nine years.

>>At last week’s German Open, Henin lost 5-7, 6-3, 6-1 to Dinara Safina. Then she pulled out of this week’s Italian Open, citing fatigue.
“At the end of the match in Berlin, (retirement) all of a sudden was there as something evident,” Henin said.
“I had reached my limits, and I feel strong and relieved that I could take this decision,” she said.
“There are plenty of things that I can do. There are no regrets. I did everything I had to do in tennis.
“That was awesome. It was a great feeling, and I am going to keep that feeling forever now,” she said. “I won Roland Garros four times, three times in a row. I don’t have to live that moment again. I know how it was.”

■Henin announces shock retirement

>>"This is the end of a child's dream.
"A new future is ahead and I won't go back on this decision."

■Ranked No. 1 in World, Henin Decides to Retire
New York Times

>>“Because I’m a perfectionist, I really fought these last few months to try for a miracle and to get back this desire and flame I had in me,” Henin said. “But I finished thinking it through after Berlin. At the end of last week, I realized I was at the end of my road.”

■Henin calls it a day
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

“When I won Madrid Masters final [beating Maria Sharapova 7-5, 5-7, 6-3 in a duel lasting over three hours], which for me was the high point of my career, I felt scared about starting training again the day after I came back from my holidays. I wanted to train but I just felt like something had gone inside me. I found it harder and harder to keep packing my bags and the training was getting more and more difficult.”

>>“I’ve thought about this long and hard,” she continued, “both on my own and with my people. Carrying on like this for another six months or a year could have made me feel bitter about things. This way, I’m leaving as world number one and that’s important to me.”

“Berlin just made it obvious to me I had to give up,” she added. “That’s when everything became clear in my head. I had to stop closing my eyes to it. I’m 26 and I’m a grown-up woman now. This is like a new start for me and I feel like I’ve been fortunate enough to have had three lives already.”

“I’ve achieved everything I ever dreamed of,” said Henin. “Winning Wimbledon [the only Grand Slam to evade her grasp] wouldn’t make me any happier than I am today.”

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■Back at Roland Garros, retired Henin rules out comeback

>>“I don’t think I will ever come back. I think that it’s important just to move on,” Henin said at Roland Garros on Saturday, the day before the French Open starts.

“Now I don’t need the competition to be happy. I don’t need this adrenaline being in front of thousands of people to really be happy,” Henin said. “I just need to be myself. I’m a simple person. I can live very easily.”


>>“It’s sad. It’s a pity for tennis: The very top player quits tennis. She certainly has her own reasons. I hope she has good reasons, because it’s an extreme decision,” Roger Federer said Friday at Roland Garros. “What I’m surprised about is her timing, because it was so sudden.”


>>Henin’s explanation? If she didn’t feel up to giving her all, she didn’t feel up to giving her all, no matter where.

Even at what she called her favorite event.

“If I feel I’m at the end of my way, there is no reason why I should play this tournament,” she said.

“I don’t need this anymore,” she continued. “I know what I did here in the past, and I don’t need to live this again. I’m fine with my career. I’m really happy and proud of what I did, and I don’t need to live these moments anymore.”

「my wayの終点に来たと感じたら、この大会に出るいかなる理由もありません」

■Henin getting ready to start her new life

>>"I don't need to be on the centre court (of Roland Garros) to live these emotions I experienced because nobody is going to take them away from me," she told a news conference.

Although she will watch the matches starting on Sunday, she said she would now focus on "the real Justine".

"I'm going to be myself. I'm going to do something else," she said.

"I think that it is important to just move on. Tennis has been a big part of my life, and I have no regrets about that.

"I don't think ... with my character that I'm the kind of person that's going to say maybe in two years, well, I miss tennis," she added.


>>Henin will now turn her attention to the foundation she created in 2004, Justine's Winners' Circle, that gives financial assistance to families with sick children.

"Of course, it was my goal after my career was over to be more involved in my academies and my club and my different projects, and my foundation also," she said.

"Because I've been really frustrated. I did not have enough time to be focused on different activities I've had.

"I feel really proud of the academy because I can give tennis what it gave to me a long time ago."

<<エナンは今、彼女が2004年に立ち上げた「Justine's Winners' Circle」(病気の子供たちを支援する基金)に目を向けている。

>>Henin's Sixth Sense Academy, based in Belgium, was created with her coach Carlos Rodriguez to help players develop.

She will cut loose this summer with a trip to Greece before really starting afresh in September.

"Nostalgia is no use. I was very happy to accept everything tennis could offer me and I have no regrets. I can move on to something else and look at tennis from an outside perspective," she said.


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「very touched.very happay for her.Thank to her,I became someone.

I became someone.

■Tributes to Justine Henin
Thu May 15, 2008 1:23am BST

>>CARLOS RODRIGUEZ (Henin's coach): "Technically and tactically she has it all. But I think she will be remembered for the way in which she won and lost and the way she never gave up no matter what was going on in her life.

"She never craved fame and money. All she wanted to do was play and win."



>>BILLIE JEAN KING (U.S): "Pound for pound Justine is the best player of her generation. I trust she has not come to this decision quickly or easily and I wish her the very best. Justine is an extraordinary player, a special person and a true champion in both tennis and in life."



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■From The Bottom Of My Heart

It's a great day in my life, I believe that you can call it that. I'm here today to announce to you that I am putting a definitive end to my tennis career. I know that it is a shock for many people and a surprise, but for me it's decision I've thought about for sometime now. It is not a decision which I made because of a simple defeat in Berlin. I've thought about it in my head for sometime, for a few months already, since the latter month of 2007. It's an end to a beautiful adventure.


Perhaps, people will think that I am still young, but there are no rules. I invested enormously in my sport, since the age of five. I always lived for tennis, and it's without regret because I lived emotions which I will never forget. Images engraved in my heart and my memory, and I am sure it's in the heart and the memory of many of you too. Today a page has turned.


I don't feel sadness, but rather a release, a relief, a glance towards the future. I always seek to build and change, and not only by tennis. I believe that tennis gave me many beautiful things, but I want to do it by returning to the essentials. I based my life on the relationships, the love and all that I could give to tennis. But I couldn't manage to express it anymore these past months. I thought about it alot. I made this decision by myself in my little corner, with the support of my family, off course. But I wanted to make the decision for me. I am very, very proud. You need courage to arrive at this conclusion.


I felt that six months or even one year later I would have a harsh bitter taste if I continued, and that things won't get better than what happened these last few months. But today, I can speak about my sport, all that I lived with a smile, very beautiful things happened and they are in my heart. I have a desire to create new things. The future for me is to live with my decision, and to realize my new goals. To assume it and breathe again.


There are no bad things ahead for me. I feel that I have the qualities and capacities, to communicate and raise many new projects. I'm sure I will see things much more clearly when the time comes. The first is my Foundation. It's really very important for me to be able to continue to help these children, to live precious moments with them. To continue to give them a chance to dream. We're here at my home. Right in my tennis academy. This is something which I will continue to support, off course with Carlos. He'll be stronger and valuable here. I have confidence in other future projects. There are peak performance workshops and seminars with Carlos and Nexum/Nexp in the area of human resources.


Off course, there are gratitudes to give. The first of which is to Carlos - I say thank. You are once more at my side. It's 12 years together that we lived , and you held me up. 12 years to believe in me. You never abandoned me. He was always very discrete and standing in the shadows when I won because he didn't want to intrude on my family and friends. But at other times, the difficult moments he made his presence known. He always respected me, and I must say since last week Thursday he still impresses me. The calm and patience he gave me. The incredible amount of support. I know he will always be strong and at my side. I am really very proud of this because tennis is a solo sport. It is undoubtedly my most exquisite thing of pride - the human adventure that I lived with him. And I believe that if Carlos had said to me one day, "Ju for family reasons or some other reason. Please don't feel obligated. You can let me go". It was obvious to me that we would still continue as a team even if my tennis career stopped. We're powerful together, and this is why it worked so well.


Our relationship was much bigger than coach and a player. We passed all the tests, but from now on it will be different, it will be more beautiful. I'm grateful to his family - his wife and children who will get more of their father. And the thought of this makes me smile today. It's also a relief to know there won't be these difficult moments, these separations. They really have a big place in my heart.

私たちは選手とコーチ以上の関係でした。私たちは、いろんな試練をすべて乗り越え、それはこれからは違うでしょうが、もっと美しいものになるでしょう。彼の家族、奥さんと子供たちに感謝しています。おかげで今日、笑顔でいられます。もう大変な時期や、わかれ(these separations)はないと思うとホッとしています。彼らは本当に私の心の大きな支えでした。

I would like to, off course, thank my family - my parents, Dad, Mom, because I'm here today only because of you. Everything is fine thanks to you. My brothers and sister too. I have to admit that my role as older sister makes me very happy. There are great things which await us. My friends here today. It was great spending time with you and I'm sure there's more ahead for us, bigger things, more honest and stronger. My Godmother is here. Gene, thank you for your role in my life it was very important. My staff obviously. You can only build something large with a faithful team. And they were always available and believed in me. Thank you for being there. It wasn't an individual sport, but a team sport.


Thank You to all my sponsors, the current ones and those from the very beginning because without people who believe - you cannot get there. Thank You to the AFT, the WTA, the COIB and all the people who counted on me.


Thank You to all my fans. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to give them excitement. I hope I brought a little sunshine in their lives. We spent such great moments together. I hope that everyone can understand and that everyone will support me in the beginning of this new life...

Thank you very much


(c)© 2008, www.justine-henin.be

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From one legend to another

"It's sad for me," said Martina Navratilova, the all-time great who was nearly twice Henin's current age when she finally stopped playing doubles on the women's tour at 49. "Because they always ask me, 'Who would you pay to watch?' And I always say, 'Federer and Henin.' Now, there's just Federer left."

"They were two masters of hitting the ball, and it's just a shame for tennis that she calls it a day," Navratilova added. "It seems a little too soon. She hit the peak, and I thought she could ride it for a while. She's 25. That's when I got started. I was almost 26 when I got committed. She's been doing it a lot longer, and it takes more out of her than other women because of her size, but jeez."

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