US OpenのOSより。
Expected & Unexpected: Moments from the 2007 US Open
Saturday, September 8, 2007 By Neil Schlecht

「2007年US Openの予想内と予想外」という記事で、わりと面白い。
エナンのウイリアムズ姉妹連破をThe Expectedの部類で取り上げているが、
>>Serena loses in straight sets in the quarterfinals to Justine Henin, including a second-set throttling, 6-1. In her press conference, Williams states that Henin “hit a lot of lucky shots.”

Venus loses in straight sets in the semifinals to Justine Henin. In her press conference, Williams cites dizziness as a factor in her loss.

Richard Williams seems to be reading from Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body as he offers a litany of health-related excuses for his daughters’ losses to Henin. He says Serena should never have played the tournament, due not only to her thumb injury but an undisclosed hamstring pull and swelling in the knee.

で、面白いのはパパリチャードの発言。セレナは親指の怪我のみならず、ハムストリグと膝にも問題があったのだから今大会は出場すべきではなかったと言ったらしいですね。「彼はまるで医学書を読んで、エナンに負けたエクスキューズを並べているみたいだ」などと書かれており、ここまでUS OpenのOSで皮肉られるとは驚きました。

An interview with: Justine Henin (Final)

J. HENIN/S. Kuznetsova
6‑1, 6‑3

Q. Justine, can you win Wimbledon?
Q ジャスティン、ウインブルドンは勝てるかな。

JUSTINE HENIN: Well, I didn't expect this first question.
JH わあ、はじめにそんな質問ですか?(笑)

Q. It's the only one you haven't won.
Q そこだけ勝ってないね。

JUSTINE HENIN: Know, but just let me enjoy this moment. Just let me enjoy this one. Wimbledon is so far away from now, and I'm in trouble over there. No, it's just ‑‑ it's great. This one is maybe the most important one. The quality I played in the last few matches is amazing. It's just a great feeling because I had a tough draw and I had a lot of things to prove to myself ‑ not to anyone else, just to myself. And I did it. So I've been so consistent for two weeks and so calm, so relaxed, and it's been great. I didn't lose a set in Toronto and in here, so it's just great what I did and I'm really proud of it.
JH そうだけど。今はこの瞬間を楽しませてくださいよ。ウインブルドンのことは今は考えられなくて、あそこは問題なんですから。もう、素晴らしいです、この優勝はもっとも重要なものね。この数試合の私のテニスは素晴らしいクオリティでした。今回は大変なドロウで、私は自分自身のために証明する事がたくさんありました、他の誰のためでもなくて、ただ自分のために。そしてやり遂げました。だから素晴らしい気分です。トロントでもここでもワンセットも失わなかったことは本当に素晴らしいことだと思うし、誇りに思います。

Q. Is there a connection between what's going on off the court and how you play on the court?
Q オンコートとオフコートの関係はプレイに影響しますか?

JUSTINE HENIN: I don't want to find any connection. I'm just feeling happy. And the fact that I have my family back helps for sure a lot, my family back in my life. They give me a lot of support. I'm feeling in peace with myself, and that's very important feeling for me because I hate to fight with people. I hate that. So I do prefer when it's calm, when it's normal, and it is right now. It's much better in my life. So I can imagine there's a little impact on my tennis. But I've been professional a lot, like always, and didn't know really what to expect from this season when it started pretty badly for me. I just kept fighting and came back probably stronger, so it's just great.
JH 何も関係づけたくないですね。今はただうれしい。もちろん、家族が戻ってきたことは大きな支えになっています。とてもサポートしてくれています。私自身、穏やかな気持ちですし、それはとても大切なことです。私は人と喧嘩するのが嫌いですから。嫌なんです、そういうの。私は平穏なのが好きですし、当たり前でしょうけど、今がそうなんです。ずっといい人生ですよ。だからそれがテニスに多少の影響はあるのかなとも思えます。でも私はプロですから、ずっと。

Q. Given the way you began the year, how difficult it was for you, and missing the Australian, can you talk about the impact of both this victory and in particular Carlos' role in this?
Q 今年の初めのことを考えると、とても難しかったと思いますが、オーストラリアン・オープンも欠場で。この2つの優勝の与える影響のことを話してもらえますか、特にカルロスの果たした役割を。

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, I mean, I can tell you today it's a big day for Carlos and I because just the two of us really know how hard it's been, and I can tell you we been in the year pretty ‑‑ I mean, it was tough. He gave me an unbelievable support. Never judge anything. He was just there for me, he and his family. We just kept fighting together. He knew I really needed it at that time, and he never stopped pushing me a lot this year. He's been hard with me also, but he had a big role for sure. He's been so happy that I have my brother and sister back in my life. He was really proud also at the French Open, I could dedicate my victory to them. It's been just a great year for both of us. That's why I wanted to go see him in the stands today.
JH 今日はカルロスと私にとって大きな日だと言えます。二人とも今年は本当に、とても、厳しいものになるとわかっていましたから。彼は信じられないほど私をサポートをしてくれました。彼は何も批判しません、ただ私のためにいてくれました。彼と彼の家族が。私たちはファイトし続けたんです。彼はそれが本当に私に必要なことを知ってて、私をプッシュし続けました。彼は厳しくもありましたけど、とても大きな存在でしたよ、本当に。私の兄と妹が戻ってきてくれたことにも、彼はとても喜んでくれました。私がフレンチオープンの優勝を彼らに捧げることができて、誇りに思ってくれました。私たち二人にとって今年は素晴らしい一年です。だから今日、スタンドまで彼に会いに行きたかったんです。

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祝☆FINAL61 63☆Update

Women's Singles - Finals

Justine Henin BEL (1) def Svetlana Kuznetsova RUS (4) 61 63



(getty images)

Final Draw

■Henin quickly proves at U.S. Open why she's No. 1 in the world  By Art Spander

■Henin shows heart, strong offensive game
Matthew Cronin / FOXSports.com

■Season comes full circle for Henin
By Bonnie D. Ford ESPN.com

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■J. HENIN/V. Williams インタビュー

>>Q. You scored a lot of points in this match by reading what she was going to do, being in the right place. Can you talk to us about that ability.
JUSTINE HENIN: Tactically it was important for me. It was very clear in my head. Venus likes to play when she has angles. She loves to move. She doesn't like that much that we play in the middle, then open the court a little bit more. I think the key was just my return also, and I've been so aggressive on the return. And that was really important. She was serving very fast, but I could hit back and very strong. And I served very well, too. The one who was taking the opportunities was winning, that's for sure. It was just battle of who was going to take the chances>>



>>Q. She called a trainer. Later we found out it was because of dizziness. She also said afterwards that she was not a hundred percent.
JUSTINE HENIN: I'm surprised (smiling).

Q. Are you a little disappointed that she's talking about her health?
JUSTINE HENIN: No, I don't care. I mean, I'm focused on myself and I don't care. I just want to be a little bit no more comment about that. It's better.>>

JH 「それは驚いたわ(スマイル)」
Q 「ビーナスが体調を崩したことを残念に思わないか?」
JH 「気にしてない。つまり私は自分のことに集中しているから気にならない。それについては、これ以上コメントしないほうがいいわね」

エナンもファーストセットの後にトレーナーを呼んで、コートから引き上げている。あれは何だったのか? WOWOW解説の神尾米さんが、セカンドセットの始めに「どうも顔つきが・・」とやたらと気にしていたが、これについては会見で何も聞かれていないのだが。



>>Q. Your scouting report on Svetlana. You've beaten her 14 times.
JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, but Venus beat me seven times and me only once and I won today, so doesn't mean a lot of things. Last time I lost to Svetlana to on clay in Berlin. It was a different situation. Going to be like a little revenge for me tomorrow.>>

Q 「クズに対しては14勝もしているけど?」
JH 「ええ、でもビーナスは私に7勝で私は1回しか勝っていなかった。だからそんなに意味ない。前回、私はベルリンでスベトラーナに負けている。今回の状況は違う。明日はリベンジしたい気持ちもある」

1週早いけれども、今回のUS Openはナンバー1&2対決ということになるわけね。クズがナンバー2か。そして今回が実に17回目の対戦。このふたり、ホントによく当たるわ。


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Justine Henin BEL (1) def Venus Williams USA (12) 76(2) 64






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■Wednesday, September 5, 2007
Singles - Quarterfinals
(12) Venus Williams (USA) d. (3) Jelena Jankovic (SRB) 46 61 76(4)
(4) Svetlana Kuznetsova (RUS) d. Agnes Szavay (HUN) 61 64
(6) Anna Chakvetadze (RUS) d. (18) Shahar Peer (ISR) 64 61


■J. HENIN/S. Williams(Tuesday, September 4, 2007)インタビューより抜粋■□


Q. Even though you hadn't beaten her on a hard court before, did you feel confident having beaten Serena on two other surfaces before?

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, I woke up this morning, I was very excited. I was feeling it was going to be a big day for me. And I was just ‑‑ I was in confidence actually 'cause in Miami I was so close, I should have won that match. But she's been stronger mentally. Maybe I didn't believe enough in myself before the match at the time and I didn't want to do that mistake again.

Then especially my win on clay, I knew I could beat her, but on grass it was much harder. And I feel better on hard court than on grass, that's for sure. I have more confidence here than on grass. We could feel it tonight. Every match against Serena is very special. A lot of pressure, a lot of tension.
But it was good. I really enjoyed it.

JH ええ、今朝起きたとき、とても興奮していました。今日は大きな日になるとだろうと感じていました。私は、マイアミでは勝利までとても近いところまで行ってましたから、勝つべきでしたけど、自信はありました。でも彼女はメンタルが強い。たぶん私はあの時、十分な自信がなかったんです。同じ過ちをしたくはありませんでした。

Q. In the few words she spoke in her press conference, she was very upset, she did manage to get out the fact that she was 100% physically, no excuses there. Did she seem herself out there mentally and physically?
Q セレナは会見でほとんど話をせず、とてもイライラしていた。フィジカル的には100%だったと言っているけど、彼女はどうだった?

JUSTINE HENIN: No, I just try to stay focussed on myself. I don't look too much to my opponent, you know, 'cause, you know, it's like I have to play my tennis, my game, be really concentrated on what I have to do.

I don't care if she was hundred percent or not. I think she was physically fine. She was moving pretty well.

But in the second set I just took control of the rallies. I was playing aggressive, very long. She probably didn't find really the solutions at that time.

JH 自分自身に集中していたので、彼女のことはあまり見ていません。つまりその、私は自分のテニスをしなくてはいけないし、自分のすべきことに集中しないといけないのです。

Q. How much has the reconciliation with your family given you that confidence?
Q 家族との復縁は自信になっていますか?

JUSTINE HENIN: Well, I don't know if there's a difference in my tennis and my career. I would say that it makes me feel a better person and that's the most important thing because it's going to be my whole life.

With my family back, I can tell you it's a lot, one father, two brothers, one sister at one time. But it's just a great feeling. They were just all awake this night because it was very late in Belgium. They could follow the match. I got their messages.

It's just, yeah, an amazing feeling. There's a lot of love. That gives a lot of confidence for the rest of my life, not only for my career.
JH まぁ、(家族との復縁で)私のテニスに変化があるかどうかわかりませんけども。自分がよりよい人間になったとは感じますし、それが一番大事なことですよ、だってそれは一生続くことですからね。

Q. Were these all messages on your cell phone? Who did you hear from?
Q ケイタイで? 

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, yeah. My father and one of my brothers left me messages. That's a nice feeling.
JH そうそう、父と兄たちがメッセージを残してくれました。うれしいですよ。

Q. It seems like you have the perfect strategy to play her, you and Carlos have developed. You don't stay away from the forehand, you serve down the middle a hot, keep away from the down‑the‑line returns. That's gotta be something that makes you feel pretty comfortable?
Q セレナに対して完璧な作戦でしたね。フォアハンドで下がらず、センターにいいサーブを打って、ダウンザラインからのリターンを避ける。

JUSTINE HENIN: Yes, tactically, except I always have to play my game which is very aggressive. If I'm too far from my baseline, if I don't move forward, I have no chance to win this kind of match.

But it's true that tactically it was very clear in my head what I had to do. It's very important to keep it, do it from the first point to the end. She loves to have the control of the rallies. She loves to be in the court. She doesn't like to be under pressure, especially on the forehand side. My serve was very good.
The key was to be really aggressive on the return because she served great in her first few matches, but I think today she was feeling I was there on the return, and that was really important, too

JH ええ、作戦は、私が常にとてもアグレッシブにプレイさえすれば。ベースラインから下がりすぎていては前に行けないし、そうなれば私に勝ち目はありません。

Q.How do you avoid a letdown, particularly when you might play Venus? No one has beaten both sisters in the same Slam in a long time.
Q 長いこと、一つのグランドスラムでウイリアムズ姉妹をふたりとも破った選手はいませんが?

JUSTINE HENIN: I think if I have to play Venus, it will be a good challenge for me to play both sisters in the same tournament. But in Wimbledon I would say that match against Serena took me a lot of energy. I was just looking too much after beating her on another surface than clay. And emotionally, I went far in my limits at that time.
JH もしビーナスとの対戦になれば、一大会で姉妹両方と戦う素晴らしいチャレンジになりますね。ウインブルドンのセレナ戦ではとても消耗してしまいました。クレー以外のコートで彼女に勝つことばかりを考えすぎてしまったんです。それに感情的に、あの時は自分の許容範囲を超えていました。

It's been really disappointed the way I left the tournament. But I learned a lot of things. And here it's different. Every match is a final for me now. There is a lot of expectations for sure. But I just go match after match, step by step. It's great to be again in the semis. It's great to be again with the other top players, and now the best will go to the end, so we'll see.

Q. What did you think when they moved this Venus match back a day? Did you think that would give tonight's winner an advantage? How do you handicap the Venus/Jankovic match?
Q ビーナスの試合が一日遅れたことはどう思いますか?

JUSTINE HENIN: Well, it's been a strange schedule. Only one quarterfinal today. But, you know, you have to take the situation like it comes, and I don't see it as a problem or as an advantage. I will have two days off. I will have to deal with that. It's going to be good for my recovery. I'm not going to pay that much attention to tomorrow's match. I just want to enjoy what I did today and get ready for the next one.
JH ええ、ヘンなスケジュールですね。1つしかクオーターファイナルをやらないなんて。でも、まあ、こういうことも受け入れていかないといけないんです。それが何か問題になるとかアドバンテージになるとかは思いません。私は二日の休みですから、うまく過ごさないと。リカバリーにはいいですよ。明日の(ビーナスの)試合には、それほど注意しません。今はただ今日やったことを楽しみたい。それから次の試合の準備をします。

Q. Do you find Venus a much different opponent than Serena?
Q ビーナスとセレナはずいぶん違う敵になりますか?

JUSTINE HENIN: She is, for sure, yeah. Different styles. But I didn't watch Venus that much in the last few months, so it will be another good test for me for sure. And I will have to, you know, just be myself, play my tennis, play my game.

So, yeah, I didn't play Venus for a long time so that will be interesting.
JH もちろんよ。違うスタイルだわ。でもこの数ヶ月あまりビーナスを見ていないんです。もちろん私にとって、また別のいいテストになります。私はひたすら、いつものように、自分のテニスをするだけです。まあ、長い間ビーナスと対戦していませんから、面白い試合になるでしょう。

FastScripts by ASAP Sports


それがUS Openのセミという大舞台で、しかもセレナ戦に続く試合で実現した。4年半待たされた、その空白を埋めるに十分なお膳立てだと思う。


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■Women's Singles - Qtr. Finals
Day 9: Tuesday, 4 September
アーサーアッシュスタジアム ナイトセッション
Justine Henin BEL (1) def Serena Williams USA (8) 76(3) 61



タイブレ。デュースコートからのセレナのサーブをバックのナイスリターンで決めてミニブレイク32。次はエナンのエースで42。このエースにセレナがチャレンジするも失敗。ボールはライン外側にかかっていた。次はストロークからフォアのストレートのウイナーで52。1本エナンのフォアのエラーがあって53.次がフォアの打ち合いから今度はクロスにウイナー63! スゴかったですねえ。エナンのサーブで決めてタイブレ73.





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Sunday, September 2, 2007
(1) Justine Henin (BEL) d. (15) Dinara Safina (RUS) 60 62
(3) Jelena Jankovic (SRB) d. (19) Sybille Bammer (AUT) 64 46 61
(12) Venus Williams (USA) d. (5) Ana Ivanovic (SRB) 64 62
(8) Serena Williams (USA) d. (10) Marion Bartoli (FRA) 63 64

サーブは調子よく、ファーストサーブの確率は第1セット71%! 第2セットは52%といつも通りに。



J. HENIN/D. Safina


Q. You didn't play Serena for four years, and now you're going play her for the third Slam in a row at the quarterfinals, is that a blessing or a curse?
Q セレナとは4年間対戦がなくて、ここにきて3大会連続クオーターファイナルだけど、これは恵まれているのか呪いなのか?

JUSTINE HENIN: I think that I've been pretty lucky. I haven't been lucky, but that worked pretty good for me in the last two Grand Slams. I hope it's going to be another good one. Yeah, we know each other pretty well. I know everyone was waiting for that match, and here we are. That's why I'm playing tennis, to play this kind of match. That's why I'm here. I'm very happy I'm going play her, and I hope we can show good tennis, and I think it's great for me.

JH わりとラッキーだと思う。ラッキーじゃないけど、前の2つのグランドスラムでは私にとってよかった。またいい試合ができればいいと願う。私たちはお互いをよく知っています。みんながこの対戦を待ち望んでいる事を知っているし、そうなりました。こういう試合があるから、私はテニスをやっているんです。だからここにいるんです。彼女と対戦できるのはうれしい。いい試合を見せたい、私にとっても素晴らしいことです。

Q. Did you get a sense of how injured she was, especially on the backhand side at Wimbledon, and what do you expect of her now that she's had time for the thumb to heal?
Q ウインブルドンで彼女が怪我していて、特にバックハンドに影響があったことをわかっていましたか? 今、親指の怪我が治っていることについては?

JUSTINE HENIN: Well, I never really focus on my opponent; more on myself. It was important for me to beat her on another surface than clay in Wimbledon. But it was very emotional for me. That took me a lot energy that match. And I know it's going to be different, different surface. She's here at home. She loves to play in the US Open. Probably I suppose maybe night match on Tuesday, so it's going to be great. So I'm not really focused on what she's going to do. Just going to try to do my job the best I can. Try to be at my best level and the best will win.
JH  相手のことは本当に気にしてないんです、自分の方に集中していて。ウインブルドンは、クレー以外のサーフェスで彼女に勝つという意味でとても重要でした。でもとても感情的になってしまって、私はとても消耗しました。これはまた違うサーフェス、違う試合になります。彼女のホームだし、彼女はUS Openが大好きです。たぶん火曜のナイトマッチになるでしょう、素晴らしいことね。彼女がどうするかはあまり気になりません。私は自分のベストをする。自分のベストレベルを出して、ベストの方が勝つでしょう。

Q. How much of her matches have you seen today or at all this week?

JUSTINE HENIN: Not that much. Just maybe a few games. But I haven't been really focused on the other players here because it's hard to compare, you know. Every match is different, every situation is different, and I have a very different kind of game from all the other players. I don't look too much. I don't watch too much. So we'll see. Different match now.

Q. Is it more valuable to look back on what happened in Miami for you, than it is the French or Wimbledon?

JUSTINE HENIN: For sure. I think I was the best player on the court for almost two sets, but she's been stronger than me at that time to finish the match. I wasn't because probably I didn't believe in myself that much, and that's what changed in the French and in Wimbledon. But I should have won that match. But tennis ‑‑ I mean, we proved that until the last point it's not over. You have to fight very hard and I was a bit short. But it was a great match I think in Miami. It's been ‑‑ I really enjoyed it. Even I lost it it's been good memories for me because I think we both played very good tennis, and I hope that's what we going to do on Tuesday.

Q. Why do you think the two of you are able to bring out the best in each other?
Q ふたりが対戦するとお互いのベストを出し合う試合になりますね?

JUSTINE HENIN: Well, I think it's important these contests because we all ‑‑ finally we all help each other to be better. And when you feel another player is playing well you just want to be better. That's great. That's the way I felt when I was with Kim on the tour. Kim and I helped each other a lot. I like this contests, and there's a lot of respect now and everything is fine. So that's very important, too.
JH それがこういう競争には重要なんです。つまり、それがお互いをより高めることになるんです。いいプレーヤーがいると思うと、自分ももっとよくなりたいと思う。素晴らしいことです。私とキムがそうでした。キムと私はお互いすごく助け合いましたね。私はこういう競争が好きですし、相手へのリスペクトが生まれます。

Q. She said that one of the reasons why you have had some success against her and why the rivalry is so special is because you actually believe you can beat her at times. Could the same be said on the other side?
Q セレナは、なぜふたりのライバル関係が特別なのかということについて、あなたが自分が勝つと本当に信じているからだと言っています。あなたの方はどうですか?

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah. I mean, we both have a lot of character and a lot of personality. We both have been very strong mentally on the court and in the last few years. She won Grand Slams; I did. She's been No. 1 and I've been. So it's great. You know, now let's go and play and we'll see what's going to happen. But there's a lot of respect professionally between the two of us, that's for sure.
JH Yeah,私たちは両方ともすごく個性が強いし、魅力(パーソナリティ)もあります。ふたりともメンタルが強いし。彼女はグランドスラムを取ってるし、私も取ってるし、彼女はナンバー1だったし、私は今そうです。ね、素晴らしいですね。だからどうなるかわかりません。でも私たちはお互いプロとしてリスペクトしていますよ、もちろん。

Q. So just talk about just a couple keys to the match because she's been serving pretty great here. It seems to be the one stroke that doesn't leave her.
Q 試合のキーについてだけど、彼女はサーブがとてもいいですね。彼女の武器のようだけど。

JH そうすね。

Q. Do you have to sort of match that on your side?

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, for sure. We'll see what's going to happen on the court on Tuesday. Going to be a different kind of match and different kind of pressure. She serve well, but I will try to take every opportunity I can and I have qualities in my game and I serve better tonight, too. We play so differently, which is very interesting and very exciting. So, yeah, I'm very excited to be on Tuesday for sure.
JH もちろんそうね。火曜にどうなるかしらね。違う試合で違うプレッシャーで。彼女のサーブはいい。私はすべてのチャンスをとらえるようにして、質のいいゲームをして、サーブは今晩よりよく打たないとね。私たちのテニスはぜんぜん違うから、とても興味深いしエキサイティングでしょ。もちろん、私もすごく楽しみだわ。

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■3回戦Friday, August 31, 2007
Singles - Third Round

(1) Justine Henin (BEL) d. (Q) Ekaterina Makarova (RUS) 60 62
(3) Jelena Jankovic (SRB) d. (Q) Alizé Cornet (FRA) 46 62 63
(5) Ana Ivanovic (SRB) d. Vera Dushevina (RUS) 61 63
(8) Serena Williams (USA) d. (27) Vera Zvonareva (RUS) 64 76(4)
(10) Marion Bartoli (FRA) d. (20) Lucie Safarova (CZE) 46 62 63
(12) Venus Williams (USA) d. (21) Alona Bondarenko (UKR) 61 62
(19) Sybille Bammer (AUT) d. (14) Elena Dementieva (RUS) 61 62
(15) Dinara Safina (RUS) d. (WC) Ahsha Rolle (USA) 64 63


Q. Will any of your family be here for this tournament?
Q 家族は誰か来ていますか?

JH いいえ。

Q. Est wearing a watch ever bother you on court?
Q コートで時計をしていて気にならないの?

JUSTINE HENIN: No. I cannot live without my watch. It's just a few players. I don't know, I never saw another player playing with a watch. But I always keep my watch. I sleep with that. I take my shower, everything. I cannot live without my watch (smiling). It's good. Except on holidays, I take it off. But it's tough. I like to be on time. I think it's a great quality, being on time.

JH いえ。時計なしだと生きていけないの。(時計してプレイするのは)何人かの選手しかいないけど。私は時計しながらプレイする選手を見たことないわ。でも私はずっとしています。寝るときもしています。シャワーの時も、いつも。時計なしでは生きられないんです(smile) いいでしょ。ホリディは別で、外します。でも難しいの。私は時間通りにするのが好き。これは時間通り、ハイクオリティなのよ。

Q. What kind of watch? It's a Rolex, right?
Q ロレックス?

JH ええ。

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時計のことを聞かれたくだりは面白い。時計のことは、ずいぶん前にも聞かれたことがあって、その時のエナンの、Because I like watch.とニベもなかった返事と比べると、かなりの進歩ですね。

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■Women's Singles - 3rd Round

Justine Henin BEL(1) def Ekaterina Makarova RUS 60 62




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■J. HENIN/T. Pironkova 6-4, 6-0 インタビュー抜粋■□

Q. How important is it in a fortnight tournament to try to get through in straight sets in terms of conserving your energy?

JUSTINE HENIN: It's important, but I'm not quite sure it does mean a lot of things. I've been in trouble sometimes when I won Grand Slams, I've been in trouble in my first week. For me, it doesn't mean anything. It's good physically if you can remain fresh and mentally and emotionally. In another way, if you can get a little bit in the competition early, I think it's pretty good, too. I don't think that much about that. I just take whatever I can take and be positive and move forward.

JH 重要ですが、どれほど意味があるのか正直よくわかりません。優勝したグランドスラムでも、ときどきファーストウイークでトラブっていましたから。私にとってそれほど大した意味はない。メンタル的に感情的にフレッシュでいられれば、フィジカル面でいいですしね。でなくても、早い段階で接戦をしておくことも、いいことだと思いますよ。それについてはあまり考えませんね。どうなっても私はただポジティブに前に進むだけですから。

Q. This is the most important of the Grand Slams for you in a sense. Outside of tennis circles, is that crucial to the endorsement opportunities or just going beyond?
Q この大会はあなたにとってもっとも重要なグランドスラムじゃないですか? テニス以外で、企業契約(endorsement)するチャンスとして? それとも素通りする?

JUSTINE HENIN: It is an important tournament. It's a Grand Slam, like the three other ones. Maybe more because it's here in the U.S. Maybe it's bigger business. There's a lot of attention. It's a big show. I don't know. I never really thought about that. I love what I do so much, if it's New York, Australia, Paris, London, anywhere else. I'm on the tennis court, that's what I love to do. That's the only thing I really care about, just give my best wherever I play.

JH 重要ですよ、グランドスラムですから。あとの3つのグランドスラムと同じようにね。より重要かも知れませんけどね、アメリカでは大きなビジネスだし、より注目を集めるから。ビッグショーですからねぇ、わからないけど。ホントにぜんぜんそのことは考えないの。私はテニスコートで自分の好きなことをやっているの。ニューヨーク、オーストラリア、パリ、ロンドン、どこでも。私が気にするのはそのことだけです。

Q. Given all the emotional highs and lows for you this year between separation and reconciliation, have you made the decision to sort of go for it in the rest of your life outside of tennis, strike more of a balance between tennis?
Q 今年、気持ち的に激しい起伏があったわけですが、

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, the thing is that I enjoy my tennis probably much more now than maybe a year ago. All the decisions I took is just to feel better, be a better person. If it can help my tennis, that's great. But I realized tennis is not everything in my life. It's going to be a few more years. But I just want to be happy. I feel great with the decisions I took. I can tell you it's been very hard times emotionally. A lot of ups and downs.

JH ええ、おそらく去年以上に私はテニスを楽しんでいますね。これらの選択は、ただよりよい気分でいられるように、よりより人間になれるようにと思ってしたことです。もしそれがテニスにもいい影響があったとしたら、素晴らしいことだけど。でも私はテニスが人生のすべてじゃないことが分かっているし、あと数年のことです。ただ私はハッピーでいたいだけです。自分の選択については満足しています。たしかに感情的にとてもハードでしたけれど。多くのアップ&ダウンがあって。

I've been really proud the way I could deal with the situation, because at 25 years old it's not that easy. Yeah, I decided to live by myself. Then being in contact with my family, which was great, it's the best decision I took in the last few years. It's just a great feeling. But life is short, and I want to enjoy every moment of it. That's what I really realized in the last few months. Especially with my family back in my life, there's a lot of love. That's good, because I know they are behind me now for the rest of my life. That's a great feeling.


Q. Is the tennis court your sanctuary?
Q テニスコートはあなたの聖域?

JUSTINE HENIN: It's the place where I feel great. I was probably born to do that. Tennis, I've learned a lot of things with my career about me, what I want, the person I want to become. It really helped me to grow up very quickly, too, because I gave 200 percent all the time for that. It's 20 years I played tennis. A lot of sacrifices. But the best thing is just the emotions that it gave me and the emotions I could give to people I love and to my fans. Very, very emotional, yeah. Very lucky to do that.

JH そこにいると気持ちいい場所です。おそらく私はこのために生まれてきたんでしょう。テニスは・・・私はキャリアの中からたくさんのことを学びました。自分自身のこと、自分の求めるもの、なりたい人間について。私はそれで本当にすごく早く成長したと思います、なぜならいつも200%の力を出して来たから。たくさんの犠牲を払って。でも一番大事なものは、それが私に与えてくれた感動、私が愛する人々やファンに与えられる感動です。とてもとても感動します。とても幸運なことです。

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8月29日 2回戦
Justine Henin BEL(1) def Tsvetana Pironkova BUL 64 60






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■J. HENIN / J. Goerges 6-0, 6-3 インタビュー要約■□■

Q. How did you play today?
Q 今日のプレイはどう?

JUSTINE HENIN: I don't know. I don't have a lot of things to say about that match because there wasn't a lot of rhythm. She was serving pretty hard, pretty good, but did a lot of mistakes.
I just did a good job. Generally it's been positive. I didn't serve that well. I was a bit concerned the last few days with my shoulder. It's getting better, but still a little bit scary.
But, no, I'm glad to win that way. Nothing special today.

JH さあ、たいして話すことはありませんね、あまりリズムがなかったですから。彼女はかなりハードなサーブをしてきましたが、ミスも多かったですね。

Q. How did it feel just being back here on Arthur Ashe?
Q アーサーアッシュに戻ってきた気分は?

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, it's a good feeling. I had a chance to practice yesterday with Jankovic on the stadium. It's different. It's big. It's huge. You need a little bit of time to get used to it.
But it's a good feeling. It's a court that brings me a lot of good memories good and bad memories. But, not so different this Grand Slam from the others. I'm feeling good.

JH いいですよ。昨日はヤンコビッチとスタジアムで練習しました。違いますね、大きい、巨大です。慣れるのに少し時間がかかります。

Q. Some people thrive on this atmosphere, others don't particularly care for it. Where do you fall?
Q この雰囲気で乗り気になる選手もいるし、関係ないという人もいるけど。

JUSTINE HENIN: It's not my favorite Grand Slam. I have to agree with that. It's so, so different. Different country also from Europe. You need to get used to it. There are places where you feel a little bit better.
Here for me it's maybe a little bit more difficult. It takes a lot of energy, I think, this tournament. It's also the last Grand Slam of the season, last chance to do well in Grand Slams. So you can feel the tension probably a little bit more.

JH 好きなグランドスラムではないんですね。ヨーロッパと違い過ぎるし。慣れる必要があります。

Q. Do you think it's also the most difficult to win?
Q 勝つのがもっとも難しいですか?

JUSTINE HENIN: For me, Wimbledon is pretty tough. No, it's probably one of the maybe the most difficult to win because, like I said, it's the last one. It takes a lot of energy. Crazy New York. Yeah, there is a lot of attention. It's a big show here. It's different.

JH 私にとってはウインブルドンがとてもタフ。いや、ここが一番難しいかも。というのも、さっき言ったように最後の大会だからです。すごく消耗するんですよ、クレージーニューヨークでは。注目度の高いビッグショウですから。

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「スタジアムが巨大で〜」とか新人みたいなことを言ってますが、いったい君は何回ここに来ているのだ! ^^

#4回戦の対戦をちょっと楽しみにしていたゴロビンが負けちゃいました! なかなかグランドスラムで結果が出せないゴロちゃん。

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Monday, August 27, 2007
Justine Henin BEL (1) def Julia Goerges GER 60 63





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■Both Williams sisters to play on US Open's 1st night after Gibson tribute
August 23, 2007

USOPEN初日月曜のナイトセッションはウイリアムズ姉妹の2試合に決定。1957年にAlthea Gibsonが黒人として初めてUSOPENを制したことの50周年記念だそうです。


初日は女子トップハーフからということで、順調に進行すれば、トップハーフはクオーターとセミの間が2日か開くスケジュールになります。 クオーターが激戦必至のトップハーフプレーヤーにとって、唯一有り難いニュースでは^^


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(17)GOLOVIN, Tatiana FRA
(15)SAFINA, Dinara RUS

(10)BARTOLI, Marion FRA





(16)HINGIS, Martina SUI












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