Thanks Greeny! みなさん、今年もよろしくね。

It's alright, it's alright, it's alright
She moves in mysterious ways
It's alright, it's alright, it's alright
We move through miracle days

The lyrics by Bono seem to be have been written perfectly for Justine Henin. It's cold and grey in Monaco at about 9pm, and Justine gave us this interview on the phone while Pierre-Yves was washing dishes after dinner.{笑} I tell her about the U2 song, and how it matches her, and she says "you have been warned, at least".

By Stephan Keygnaert


Have VRT tv network and the press sent you the trophy yet?
VRT TVネットワークとプレスはトロフィーを送ってきた?

JHH: I don't want to open a feud of words. It was for more than one reason I didn't go to Ostend and the Gala. I didn't have time to interupt my training program. On Wednesday I was already in Paris for Unesco ,I had no time to spend a day in Ostend. People forget that I am in preparation for the Australian Open. Do I have I have to show you all the invitations, and events I have for the end of year? If I go and pick up every award, I have no time to touch my tennis racquet. And that cannot be my goal.
騒ぎを大きくしたくないわ。オステンドに行かなかったのには、いろんな理由があったんですよ。トレーニングプログラムを乱すような時間はなかったんですよ。水曜はユネスコのためにパリにいて、オステンドに行く時間はなかったんです。年末に、招待されるすべてのイベントに行かなくてはいけないかしら? もしすべての賞の受賞式に出ていたら、私はラケットにさわる時間もなくなってしまうわ。

People were angry about not showing up for Sunday night, when they found out you were in Durbuy, Belgium.

JHH: I was at the Christmas Market in Durbuy, but I'm not aware of being there on Sunday night. It must've been another day.

People say that you hate Flanders?
JHH: What a nonsense! Everyone who knows me that I love Belgium, I am a ... BELGIST.
そんなバカな! 私がベルギーを愛してることは、みんな知ってるでしょ、私はその、ベルギーストだから!(*ナイスな造語!)

People admire you, but few mothers see you as the ideal daughter-in-law in Justine!

JHH: You are for me or against me. It's up to you to decided. (laughs). Tom Boonen, Stefan Everts or axel Merckx can move quietly to Monaco, but a Justine Henin does something like that and people get mad. I am not like Boonen, Everts or Kim Clijsters. I am not like other Belgian sport heroes. I do the things my own way. It's black or white.
応援してくれるか反対してくれるか、それはみなさんが決めることですからね(笑い)Tom Boonen, Stefan Everts or axel Merckxは静かにモナコに移住できます、でもJustine Heninがそういうことをすると、みんな怒るんですよね。私はBoonenやKimのようなベルギーのスポーツヒーローではないんです。ほかのスポーツヒーローとは違うんです。私は自分のやり方でやります。それが黒でも白でも。

Does criticism affect you?

JHH: It did before. Every young girls wants to be liked by everyone. Now the readers letters slide away from me, and don't bother me. I understand, and I take the full responsibility for each choice in my life.

Did you find anything nice at the Christmast Market in Durbuy?

JHH: Help!.... no! We will celebrate New Year's Eve in Monaco with Carlos and his family. I still haven't found any present for Mateo and Manuel - the sons of Carlos. There's still nothing under the tree for PY. But on Dec 31, I know that I'll find gifts at the very last moment for them. I do all of my house keeping at the last moment. That's the way I function. (laughs).
ヘルプ! ノーなの! モナコでカルロスの家族たちといっしょに過ごすつもりなんだけど、まだマテオとマニュエル(カルロスの息子たち)へのプレゼントが見つかってないの。PYのもまだツリーの下にはないのよ。でも12月31日には、ギリギリ最後には見つけられると思うわ。最後にはウチの中をぜんぶ片付けて、それが私のやり方なのよ(笑い)

How do you celebrate this period of the year?
JHH: Carlos hates December. He wants to cross it out off the calender. (laughs). I tell him [Are you Crazy?!!]. There is something about Christmas that is a magical time of year. I am a very traditional woman: I celebrate all the holidays. I know the anniversaries and birthdays of family members, friends and girlfriends. I know it all by memory, in my head. I do give, but not gifts.
カルロスは12月が大嫌いなのよね。彼はカレンダーにバッテンをしたいのよ(笑い) 私は彼に言うの「アー・ユー・クレイジー?」って。クリスマスは一年のマジカルな時間なんです。私はトラディショナルな女性だから、ホリデーはすべて祝うわ。私はすべての記念日と家族と友達とガールフレンドの誕生日を知っているのよ。頭の中に思い出がよぎるの。私はギフトじゃなくて、それを捧げます。

Who is the Sport Person of the year?
JHH: Hmmm.. it's hard. For me... it's Roger Federer. ... because he's finally learned to admire ME! (laughs)。Federer dominates not only in sports, and breaking records, but it's alway positive talk about Federer.
それは難しいわね、、、私にとってはロジャー・フェデラー、、なぜなら彼はついに私を尊敬することを学んだんだから(笑い)! フェデラーはスポーツだけじゃなくて、記録も支配しました、でも彼についてはいつもポジティブな話になりますね。

You met Michael Schumacher. Do you admire him?
JHH: He was a fantastic F1 driver. PY has been following his career, he a big fan. We stayed up to 3am to watch his last Grand Prix in Brazil. Pierre-Yves was afraid that he would crash, and watched from the staircase instead of in front of the tv.

2006 More than a dozen hotels and airports. Tell us a funny story about being on tour this year?

JHH: Berlin! I arrived complete late to the hotel, and went to the toilet at about 4 am. I crawled out of the bed, and walked to the bathroom. And just as I was to sit on the toilet , I realized that there was nothing there. I walked out into the hallway! I mistook the room for my previous hotel. Sometimes, I have no idea where I am. No idea about the time, or the room.
ベルリン! ホテルに着いたのがものすごく遅くて、私は4時にトイレに行ったんです。ベットから這い出して、バスルームに歩いて行った。そしてトイレに座ろうとしたら、そこに何もなかったのよ。私は廊下に出ていたの!前のホテルと勘違いしていたのね。時々、自分がどこにいるのか、何時なのかわからなくなるのよ。

You go to many places Dubai, New York or Syndey. Any entertainment reports?

JHH: Yes, there was time for that. I can verify that. (laughs). I seen U2 and Johnny Haliday in concert in 2006. On the other hand I did not see many movies. Nobody wants to go to the cinema with me. I adore romantic films, and movies with happy endings where I can cry. But when I watch that Carlos leaves the room immediately! {大笑い} I tell him men do not always need James Bond action films. I prefer to watch my type of movie.
ええ、そういうこともあった、証明できますよ(笑い)。私はコンサートでU2とJohnny Halidayを見ました。あまり映画は見られなかったんですが、誰も私と映画に行きたがらないのよ。私はロマンティックな映画が大好きで、ハッピーエンドで泣けるのが好きなんです。でも、それを見出すとカルロスはすぐ部屋を出て行っちゃうの! 私は彼に男性はジェームズボンドのアクションフィルムばっかり見ることないじゃないって言うんだけど。

What do you want for 2007?
Oh, the same as 2006. I was saved, and had few injuries. I have never been happier on the job before this year. Tennis no longer dominates my life, and for this reason the celebration after the victory feels smaller. But on the other hand I enjoy the game more now. I live each game with so much more intensity. I want to continue for the years to come with this feeling.

There is one trophy missing? Wimbledon. If you don't gain this can you retire happy?

JHH: I will win there sometime soon. Certainly!



しかしヒンギスがステパネクと!! チェコスロバキアつながりの昔からの知り合いだったそうです。それこそあまたのセレブたちと浮き名を流し続けたヒンギスの、あまりにコンサバな年貢の納め方にとても驚いています。
ともあれ、今年のヒンギスは去年より強くなるはずです! どこかで一度でいいです、エナンとファイナルを戦ってください。私の希望です。

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Justine's Diary - December & Looking Ahead To 2007

Hello Everyone,

The last time I wrote to you we were about to leave on holiday, it was quite a while ago. My holiday went very well, and I was able to relax a bit after the Masters. The more I think about it, the more a vacation was, you might even say; valuable. It was too short, but I returned full of memories with alot of happiness.

It was necessary to go back quickly to work. There is never time to be a complete free spirit in the midst of a full-time career. There may be a break, but always in a few days you realize that it's necessary to gather and it's time to set out again to regain full form. I know that I will only be able to take a real vacation after this part of my life is over.


The recovery program has been going well these past weeks, I had alot of things to rediscover. Everything is fine. I believe that my evolution goes in a positive direction, and I hope to return a better player than before. I've been preparing my 2007 season in the best possible way - total calm and serenity. I started training in Belgium, and continue in Monaco.

I also had the chance to see the rewards of my work. During the training program I received awards, and it always gives pleasure to see new honours arriving from the left and right. UNESCO's Champion For Sport touches me in particular because it's attached to my values and is about my sporting career. It's about the achievement of everything I have done so far, and includes the results of this consistent season too.

I will spend these special festive times with Pierre-Yves, Carlos and the family. I know that there will be only a week more before it's time again for the long season, but there's still a feeling of apprehension or nerves. It's always a little hard when it is necessary to go on tour again, but once I'm on the spot, it all seems natural. There is still much motivation for the next year.

As a whole, 2006 has been gone by very, very quickly. The year went right by me, and I didn't see it passing - I believe this is a good sign. It shows that it was filled with incredible amounts of beautiful things. It is clear to me that it will remain the most beautiful year of my career. On a personal level I also had my fill of wonderful things to remember, it really was an extraordinary year. I do not know how things will follow-up, but I think you can wish me good health because that's one thing that is especially important for me.

I thank all my fans, and not only for the Christmas season. This is for all the support you have given me throughout the year - you gave me so much power to cross the obstacles. You always call on me, count on me, and raise questions that enable me to come from behind. You still send me messages of encouragement, and I am grateful to you! I reap from all of it, and want to use this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, and send my best wishes for alot of happiness. A good 2007 with great health, especially much love to your families. May all your hopes, and goals become reality.
ファンのみなさん、クリスマスだけじゃないですよ、いつもありがとう。今年ずっとサポートしてくれました、大変な時にも私に大きな力を与えてくれました。いつでも私を呼んでください、期待してください、ビハインドの時でも逆転できるだろうと疑問を投げてください。応援のメッセージ、送ってください、私はとても嬉しいんです! 全部見てます、この機会を借りて、メリークリスマス。みなさんにたくさんの幸せが来るように。2007年の健康と、家族への愛を。そしてたくさんの希望と目標がかないますように。

Big Kisses,



キャリア中盤の、と言っているところが嬉しいです。来年はもっと上手くなるぞ! 私もそう確信しています。

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--- Description --- W F SF QF R16 R32 R64 R128
Grand Slam (Singles) 1000(700) 700(492) 450 250 140 90 60 2

SE Champs (Singles) 750(525) 525(369) 335(235) 185 105

Tier I $3,000,000 (Singles) 500(350) 350(246) 225 125 70 45 30 1
Tier I $2,000,000 (Singles) 465(325) 325 210 115 65 40 25 1
Tier I $1,340,000 (56S) 430(300) 300(210) 195(135) 110 60 35 1
Tier I $1,340,000 (28S) 430(300) 300(210) 195(135) 110 60 1

Tier II $650,000 (28S) 300(220) 215(154) 140(99) 75 40 1
Tier II $600,000 (56S) 275(195) 190(137) 125(88) 70 35 20 1
Tier II $600,000 (28S) 275(195) 190(137) 125(88) 70 35 1

( )=2006年のポイント


このポイント変更が、ティア1にトップ選手を多く出させるインセンティブになるのかならないのか? なるのかな、一応?




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