Henin 'in mourning' after injury forces retirement(AFP)

>>"I regard ending my career more like a sentence that's been handed down than a decision I've made,"
"I've had to deal with a lot of injuries throughout my career but this time, at 29, I just can't go on."

"You have to be reasonable about things. When I came back from Australia, I had consultations with three different doctors," she added.
"The will is there, but physically I can't do it."

She added: "It got to the point that I needed 10 minutes in the morning just to get my elbow functional.

"The ligament wasn't solid enough to handle the intensity of the game. For me, it's like a sentence. Now I have to mourn the end of my career."

a sentence that's been handed downという意味がいまいち掴めないが、sentenceには判決、処罰、有罪判決という意味がある。ドクターからの肘のNG診断を有罪判決=致命的な宣告と言っているのだろう。

>>Henin admits her priority is to now lead as normal a life as possible.
"I'm going to miss all the great feelings you have as a professional tennis player. I hope I'll pick the racquet up again one day, but more than anything I want to live a normal life."

>>Faced with doping rumours following her first retirement, Henin says she has nothing to hide.
"That hurts me, and all the people who have been part of my entourage. I can't accept that, nor will I forget or forgive. I have never cheated," she added.


Henin ponders surgery on elbow that ended her career(Reuters)
By Robert-Jan Bartunek BRUSSELS | Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:29pm GMT

>>Henin said her elbow problem was complicated and may need surgery even if she did not return to the game.
"I hope I will be able to live normally, without surgery. In a few months I will have to make a decision on that," she told a news conference in a Brussels restaurant on Monday.

"When I came back from Australia things were much worse than after the fall in Wimbledon in July," she said, referring to the tumble in the fourth-round defeat by compatriot Kim Clijsters at Wimbledon, the only grand slam title to have eluded her.
"I injured the tendon, the ligament and the nerve. It's quite a complicated case."

After retirement, it's a clutch semifinal that sticks in Henin's mind, not 7 Grand Slam titles(CANADIAN PRESS)

>>It was a match against French Open champion Anastasia Myskina of Russia at the 2004 Olympics.
"I was coming back from nowhere, down 5-1, and playing for the country, Olympic Games," the 28-year-old Henin said Monday, two weeks after announcing her sudden retirement because of an injured elbow, when asked to pick the match of her career.
After nearly three hours, she beat Myskina 7-5, 5-7, 8-6 and it perfectly showed what all had come to love in the Belgian − her never-give-up attitude.
She won the gold medal, too.

>>"There is a physical limit. There is a lot of damage," Henin said. "Only surgery would give me a small chance."
This time, her mind is clear.
"It hasn't been my best, but I did try and I have no regrets," she said.

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Henin : ≪ J’espère un jour retaper dans une balle ≫
Rédaction en ligne
lundi 14 février 2011, 17:03



Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Comme vous l'avez appris il y a quelques temps, j'ai du mettre un terme définitif à ma carrière tennistique pour des raisons de santé. Ces dernières semaines n'ont pas été faciles pour moi, mais il faut aller de l'avant... Je tourne aujourd'hui une merveilleuse page de ma vie. J'ai vécu 20 années de passion, de bonheur, avec des hauts et des bas, mais je n'en garde que du positif.

Si j'ai tenu le coup tout au long de ces années, c'est aussi grâce à vous. Je tenais tout particulièrement à vous remercier pour votre soutien et votre confiance. Vous m'avez donné la force d'avancer et de donner toujours le meilleur de moi-même. Je ne l'oublierai jamais. Je me dirige maintenant vers d'autres horizons. J'ai plusieurs projets en tête mais rien de bien précis. Les choses seront différentes mais vous occuperez toujours une place particulière dans mon cour.

Merci, et à très bientôt, quelque part...


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